Build your own Fruit Machine

Build Your Own Fruit Machine.

 It is now possible to build you very own fruit machine!! All you need is some hardware and software to start your own build. When MFME was first introduced in the late 90's it was only intended to replicate real fruit machine ROMS in a digital fashion on a PC. Since then it has evolved into a full fruit machine engine, with the ability to utilise physical buttons with Lights and even hoppers via some extra hardware!

What do you need?:

Assuming you have a donor cabinet or a good cardboard box, all you need is the following:

Ipac2 This is the input device for all your buttons and switches and hopper Opto sensor.

PacDrive This is what powers the LEDs in your buttons and Hopper motor. Make sure you order the ID #1 Special. If you need more than 1 then you need to contact Andy at ultimarc and order ID #2 Special.

Buttons, Hopper/s, Coin Mech/s, Pay out tray (half a baking tray will do)
and a decent screen in portrait mode or even 2 screens in landscape mode, and a decent Windows 10 PC. The possibilities are limitless.  


MFME v20.1 (download from desertislandfruits - Members Only - Its free)


There are no fixed instructions, but there are plenty of people including myself who have a virtual fruit machine already built. We all post on this forum which has all the info you could possibly need.

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